Optimism and Pessimism are the two contradicting human emotions that form the basis of financial decisions, in simple term, financial decisions are taken either from Fear perceptive or Greed perceptive.

Greed is borne out of Optimism and Fear out of Pessimism, While Optimism provides us the reason to pursue, Pessimism is the reason to get Cautious. And hence is borne the word "Cautious Optimism", the most important weapon in the armoury of a Financially Successful person.

Cautious Optimism acknowledges the possibility of risk but allows the people to take decisions from a platform of Optimism. This exercise of circum-fencing the risk and still celebrating enterprise is called as Risk Mitigation

PurplePond Specializes in Risk Mitigation Services through a process driven approach to suit individual need, which include:

  • Understanding your business / Asset & Liability status
  • Analysing your possible Risks
  • Suggesting products that would comprehensively address your Risk