Life Goal & Retirement Planning

As a child every one of us wants to grow big, and the day we become big, our immediate priority shifts to finishing our education and then launching our careers. But once we settle down, we forget the fact that each of us has responsibilities towards, society, family and self. All these responsibilities require investment in the form of time, energy and money.

Most of us are able to invest time and energy and invariably postpone investments related to money. The reasons could be many,

  1. Fear of inadequacy,
  2. Lack of knowledge,
  3. Optimism that future cash flows will be better but in most cases it is plain simple procrastination’

Human Mind is neither able to comprehend or visualize in the consequences of such postponements and therefore this aspect is left to a conveniently coined word call "Fate". The Human Mind ignores the fact that the earning window of a person is 30 to 40 years and these earnings will not only have to support his current needs but also the needs for self and spouse for another 30 years post retirement.

'At PurplePond', Educating the Customers on the need for an Adequate Financial Planning for the Life Goals and Retirement Goals is one of its primary Objectives. Life Goals comprises of the basic goals,

  1. Corpus for Children's Higher Education,
  2. Corpus for the Children's Marriage,
  3. Corpus to buy a House for the family

to Aspiration Goals like,

  1. Buying a Fancy Car,
  2. Holiday Home,
  3. Going to Annual Vacations

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER in PurplePond ensures that they listen to their customers and craft a completely Personalized Financial Plan for each of its customers.